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As from April 2013 BS7036(1996) has been superseded by BS EN16005:2012. The new standard is not retrospective therefore automatic doors installed before April 2013 can still be serviced to BS7036(1996).

All new installations by SMDS are installed to BS EN16005:2012. Please contact us if you require any information on the new standard or on bringing your existing doors inline with BS EN16005:2012.

Automatic Door Repairs and Installation

SMDS Door Services offer Automatic Door Repairs, and Automatic Door Installation. You’ll get a fast and efficient service for most sizes, makes and styles of Automatic Doors.Here is our basic guide to the different types of automatic doors. The specification may vary depending on the door opening.

Single or Bi-Parting sliding doors:

The most popular type of automatic door. The door can be activated in a variety of ways though normally by a radar motion sensor. When the door is open the opening is protected by overhead safety sensors or threshold safety beams which when activated will hold the door open. The system incorporates a monitored battery backup which will open the door in the event of a mains power failure. The system should be connected to a fire alarm system so that the door opens upon fire alarm activation The system is installed to BS7036 (1996).

Sliding door retro fit kits:

If the existing sliding door system breaks down, a retro fit kit can be installed inside the existing header. The retro fit kit replaces the old control panel and motor and can utilise the existing sensors if they are in working order. This is a cost effective option in the event that your door fails beyond repair. Retrofit kits installed to BS7036 (1996).

Fully automatic swing doors:

These doors are normally activated by radar motion sensors, enabling the door to be fully open by the time the customer reaches the door. A fully automatic swing door require a safety sensor to be fitted to the opening side of the door leaf which will stop the doors movement if activated and to the closing side of the door leaf which will stop the door closing or reverse the doors movement if activated. The door system can be connected to an access control system. Existing manual swing doors may be suitable for conversion to an automatic swing door, Doors are installed to BS7036 (1996).

Low energy automatic swing doors;

Due to the low forces that these units work at a low energy automatic door normally requires no safety sensors. The doors can be used as a normal push/pull swing door and activated by push pads. Existing manual swing doors may be suitable for conversion to low energy automatic swing doors, Doors are installed to BS7036 (1996).

If you are looking for Automatic Door Repairs or Automatic door Installation in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, The West Midlands and Midlands you need the experts with a professional service at SMDS Door Services.

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November 20, 2017