Manual Doors

When it comes to Manual Doors at commercial premises, SMDS Door Services are the experts. We have years of experience dealing with every make, size and style of manual doors and offer our fast and efficient Door Repair Service throughout Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, The West Midlands and Midlands.

Commercial manual doors:

A full service and replacement of parts option is available for aluminium commercial doors. This include the replacing and fitting of transom closers, drive arms, bottom pivot sets, floor springs, top centre pivots, overhead door closers, flush bolt, locks, lock cylinders and panic hardware.

Complete new doors can be supplied and fitted if the original door leaf has been damaged beyond repair. Depending on the door and frame configuration the option of automating the door may be available. This option could transform the door into a fully automatic or low energy automatic swing door.

Steel door sets:

Steel door sets are an ideal solution for securing commercial premises, internal cash offices and secure rooms. The steel door is made from 1.2mm zinc coated steel folded to make a 45mm thick door leaf with an integral anti jemmy strip. As standard the door leaf has a honeycomb core though mineral wool or solid timber can be used upon request. The doors can be fitted with a variety of locking options including mechanical digi locks and panic hard ware and are fitted with overhead closer and heavy duty ball raised hinges. The door frame is made of 1.6mm zinc coated steel. The steel door sets can be finished in a variety of colours.

Industrial impact/traffic doors:

Industrial impact/traffic doors are fitted to the openings between the back and front of house. The doors are ideal for shop, restaurant and commercial premises that have a flow of traffic using cages, pallet trucks or other means of moving stock to and from the front of house. The doors swing in both directions and once passed through the doors return themselves to their original centred position. Rubber seals are fitted to the frame head and rear and leading edges of the door, reducing the transfer of energy, sound and dust between environments. Made from a high impact material and fitted with vision panels and polypropylene bumpers the doors come coloured white as standard though other colours are available.

So if you have problems with Manual Doors at a commercial Premises and require Manual Door Repair or Installation in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, The West Midlands or Midlands call us at SMDS Door Services, for a fast efficient and professional service.

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November 20, 2017