Roller Shutter Doors

SMDS Door Services have a huge experience of roller shutter repairs and installation. If you are looking for a Roller Shutter Installer who will make the job move quickly and get your company premises secure again you are in just the right place – we have years of experience in all makes and types of roller shutter doors and are available for all types of roller shutter repairs throughout Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, The West Midlands and Midlands.

Commercial roller shutters:

Commercial roller shutters are designed to give security to premises by covering doors and windows when the site is closed. With the curtain being made from 75mm deep scrolled interlocking solid galvanised steel lath, galvanised steel bottom bar and steel side guides, a roller shutter offers a high level of security. The shutter is powered by a 240v motor and can be operated either by a key switch or a remote handset. The roller shutter can be powder coated to match the original shutter colour in the case of a repair, or to suite the existing colour of the premises in the case of a new installation.

Perforated roller shutters are an ideal option for retail and other commercial premises were a level of visibility is required into the premises when the roller shutter is in the closed position. The shutter curtain is made from galvanised steel that has small perforations punched in it allowing passersby to see inside. The shutter has the same colour and activation options the solid galvanised steel roller shutter.

A full repair and installation service for any type of roller shutter is offered including replacement lath, side guides, end locks, barrels and motors.

Industrial shutters:

Industrial roller shutters are designed to offer security along with medium to heavy usage. The curtain being made from heavy gauge galvanised steel interlocking scrolled lath, ‘T’ bottom rail, steel side guides, steel end locks and where the site conditions or door size dictated ‘wind’ end locks are also fitted. The shutter can be left in its natural galvanised steel colour or powder coated to a RAL colour. The majority of industrial roller shutters are powered by a 3phase motor which is operated by a low level control panel or push button station. The motor is fitted with a manual haul chain so that the shutter can be operated in the event of a power failure. The option of a double skin lath is also available which increases security, insulation and wind resistance. A full repair and installation service on all types of industrial doors is offered.

Strip curtains:

Strip curtains are hung across an opening to reduce draughts, noise, dust and smoke and to prevent pests from entering an area while still allowing fork lift, pallet trucks and personnel to freely come and go. The strips are made of durable transparent PVC with the outer strips being coloured red to indicate the sides of the opening and come in various widths and thicknesses. A ribbed PVC strip is available which increases sealing technology and durability in heavy usage applications. The strips are hung from stainless steel hangers with the strips overlapping each other. A full repair and installation service is offered on all strip curtains.

For Roller Shutter Repairs or Roller Shutter Door Installation in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, The West Midlands and Midlands just call us at SMDS Door Services for a fast efficient and professional service.

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November 20, 2017